If Teslas were Achilleses, their heels would probably be the left A-pillar. While the Model 3 still presents problems there, now the Tesla Model X may also suffer issues in that part if this is not an isolated situation. Ask Sergio Rodriguez about it: he made the video above and told us exactly what happened.

Gallery: Check Water Flowing Inside Tesla Model X When It Crosses Puddles

Rodriguez bought his Model X 100D on June 3, 2019.

“Two weeks ago, it was raining pretty bad out here, in Southern California.  I drove as I normally do with any vehicle in the rain, cautiously. As I crossed an intersection with a gutter and water in it, I noticed water came up from my dashboard near the windshield. I was baffled and pulled out my camera for the next intersection because I knew there was water there. I went through the shallow puddle and water entered the vehicle again.”

UPDATE: We have learned what causes the leak. Have a look at the second article about this problem right here.

If you are asking yourself: yes, that is the video above. You can see water gushing from the left A-pillar, as we mentioned. It could be coming from a sealing problem at the windshield or up from the left wheel well. Whatever the reason is, this Model X is very familiar with puddles.

That was the first time Rodriguez's car did that.

“I’ve driven through, rain, snow and more. Never had wind noise, no problem with the windshield, but I’ve had countless issues with my front suspension. Axles changed out 3 times and drive unit adjusted and mounts changed, even sway bar.”

An accident probably caused that, some will say. The truth is that this car never had any such issues, according to Rodriguez.

“Never had any accidents, nor windshield replacement. Everything is factory. It’s only been to Tesla for repairs.”

Check Water Flowing Inside Tesla Model X When It Crosses Puddles

It was precisely a Tesla Service Center that the Model X owner has asked for help. More precisely, the one in Palm Springs. 

“I contacted the service center and dropped the car off this past Monday 12/30/19 – they still have it. They said someone will come out and remove the windshield and they will inspect the seal to figure out the flaw.”

That did not stop Rodriguez from being pretty intrigued by what happened. So are we. 

“I told them: ‘How can water come up past the splash guards in the wheel well, through whatever else is in there and make it into the vehicle?’ They said they have no clue.”

Do you? Have you ever heard of similar problems with the Model X or any other Tesla vehicle? Is this something specific to this unit? Was it God's fury?

Help us find out. We’ll try to ask Chad, from “The Electrified Garage,” what he thinks the problem can be. He once mentioned in a video that the wind noise in the Model X comes from air invading the A-pillars. What if water gets in there as well? Stay tuned.

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