According to a German media report, Audi will slot a new model in between the e-tron electric SUV and the smaller Q4 e-tron, the electric version of the gas-burning Q4. This new model will be called the Q6 e-tron and it will reportedly be built on the same platform as the fully-electric Porsche Macan (expected to debut in 2022).

The source indicates that the Q6 e-tron will be launched not long after, so also in 2022, which means the project is in a similarly advanced stage of development as the Macan EV. Both vehicles will ride on the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE for short) architecture which is a common Porsche-Audi project.

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The Q6 will be similar in size to the current Q5, but since it is an even-numbered model, Audi will give it a more dramatic looking (possibly coupe-like body, especially since this is seen as the spiritual successor to the Audi TT). Our best guess is that it could look like a shrunken down Q8, or a larger version of the Q4 (which is also available as the more dramatic looking Q4 Sportback).

Even though the Q4 e-tron’s launch is not that far in the future, information about its specs is limited. For the Porsche Macan EV, it has been rumored that it could have up to 700 horsepower courtesy of a dual-motor setup, offer a range of over 300 miles (483 km) and rapid charging capability at up to 350 kW, making it one of the quickest vehicles to charge in the world.

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