A YouTube vlogger that goes by the interesting name of Minimal Duck posted a video vlog as an early share of a longer video comparison to come. These vloggers show us the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E side by side.

They provide a brief visual comparison of the two electric crossovers followed by a drag race. The video is sort of a behind-the-scenes production vlog, with rolling shots of the cars, as well as excellent photography and camera work.

YouTuber Minimal Duck, whose real name is Arash, joined The Kilowatts to put together this comparison and drag race video featuring the Tesla and Ford all-electric performance crossovers. More specifically, Arash points out that he joined Ryan and Viet Mac (Mac House) to shoot the quick race. However, he also says there will be a more comprehensive video coming in a few weeks. Photographer Mac House is currently editing the footage.

At any rate, a short video comparison and race video between the Model Y and Mach-E is precisely what some people are looking for. Sure, you can carve out some time to watch more in-depth coverage and comparisons of these all-electric rivals, but the video above offers just enough to keep things interesting. Additionally, if you're a producer and into cool gear, such as cameras, drones, mics, and radios, you'll enjoy the video. There's also some random skateboarding footage.

We certainly don't want to spoil it for you, especially since it's only about five minutes long. So, place your bets before you watch. Then, sit back and enjoy the nice eye candy. Then, scroll down and let us know what you think. Once the full video becomes available, we'll share it with you here on InsideEVs.

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