Tesla’s affordable $25,000 compact car is coming, and could hit its first market, China, as soon as next year. We can’t say when it will come to North America, but there has already been confirmation that it will be a global vehicle designed in China. It could be called the Model 2. 

Until then, we can appreciate the many renderings artists will be shelling out until the real one makes its debut. Here is one we’ve already reported on

This latest one, done by KDesign AG, sports a cool two-tone paint job that we have yet to see from Tesla. Two-tone paint schemes have risen in popularity recently, especially with compact SUVs and cars. But, I have a hard time believing Tesla would ever do this. 

Rendering of Tesla Model 2 ($25,000 car) rear three quarter
Rendering of Tesla $25,000 car (Model 2)

The front end has that iconic Tesla face and the wheels are split-spoke and sporty looking. If you look at the door handles, you’ll notice they are conventional pull handles and not flush like Teslas currently have. The artist could have added those thinking that that might be one of the cost-cutting measures Tesla will need to do to hit the $25k mark. I think we will still see some kind of flush door handles on this upcoming Tesla. 

In comparison to the last one we detailed, this one seems to have a slightly taller body and ride height. 

Outback, more sportiness continues with a black spoiler and a carbon fiber rear air diffuser. The hatch and rear bumper are nicely sculpted but looks like something familiar. If you squint your eyes and pull up an image of the back of a Toyota Corolla Hatchback, you will see the resemblance. The artist seems to have used the rear of the Corolla Hatchback as a base for his graphic. The taillights look like tweaked Model 3 ones. 

Details are still sparse, but we do know the $25k Tesla compact car will have LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries

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