Creating a fake viral video can be both extremely easy, if you’re really inspired and have a great idea that doesn’t need much to put into practice, or it can be difficult and take a lot of planning and work to get done. In this video, YouTuber William Osman attempts to make a Tesla Model 3 die-cast scale model explode and then convince the internet that one of his friends, Alex Ernst, is now rich enough to just blow up his car.

He puts some small explosive charges in the frunk, trunk and interior of the die-cast model, then sets the scene up so that it appears to be a full-sized car. With a total of four small charges (one of which is a fireball) and some editing trickery, this video could definitely fool some people.

And fool people it did as the video was posted on Ernst’s Twitter account where his followers expressed their opinions that blowing up a perfectly good Tesla was unacceptable - he was even apparently asked to take it down, which he did. This video shows how easy it is to trick people online into believing pretty much anything, if you put enough effort into it.

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