Toyota and Subaru are working together to come up with electric SUVs built on similar underpinnings. The Subaru version of that EV is called the Evoltis and it’s been previewed by a rather striking concept; we don’t know what the Toyota version will look like, and now, apparently, there’s a Lexus version of the vehicle coming too, based on the same e-TNGA architecture.

In an interview given to Automotive News, the chairman of the Lexus National Dealer Advisory Council, John Iacono, talked about Lexus’ need to refresh its lineup and fill in the gaps in its range with relevant models. They of course also ended up talking about EVs, and regarding this Iacono said

With the EV market as it is right now, there's really one player out there that is absorbing all of the opportunities. I believe that market is growing and will continue to grow, and that EVs are the wave of the future. How fast do we get to volumes that are going to get the attention of the industry holistically I don't know. I do know that we have one coming in.

The first part is a clear allusion to Tesla’s current dominance of the EV segment in most markets, but it’s the last part that got us interested - Iacono just confirmed a new electric Lexus is coming. He’s already seen it and said

I personally with other Lexus dealers have gotten a glimpse of what that might look like when — not if, when — it comes to Lexus, and I believe that it has put a smile on our face, that we're going to have a player in a market. That's very important to me, personally, in New York City. I can't tell you how happy I am that we have something coming.

Little is known about the Subaru Evoltis and its Toyota and Lexus brethren. The Evoltis was rumored to debut sometime this year, but the manufacturer has so far made no announcements. We don’t know how far along the other two projects are, so we currently can’t say when they may debut - Toyota and Lexus did recently show some electric vehicle teasers.

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