Volkswagen reports that e-Golf sales in the U.S. decreased by 94% year-over-year to just 73 units in the fourth quarter of 2020. It's the definitive fade as the model is no longer produced.

In total, 767 units were delivered in 2020 (down 84% year-over-year), and 19,044 in total over several years.

Volkswagen e-Golf sales in the U.S. - Q4 2020


Compared to VW's overall volume of 94,330 vehicles in Q4 (up 11%) and 325,784 YTD (down 10%), the EV sales has been marginal in the Volkswagen business.

However, with the introduction of the all-new ID.4 (initially imported from Germany and then produced in the U.S.), Volkswagen is expected to back in the game and possibly become one of the top EV players.

The launch of an electric crossover/SUV is also in line with Volkswagen's general switch to "SUVs", which account for up to about 60% of the brand's volume in the country:


This chart clearly shows us what to expect from Volkswagen - if there will be more EVs, most likely they will be large.

Detailed results:

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