Tesla is a brand that seems to cause polarizing thoughts in many people’s minds. Some just love it and the cars that it makes to bits, and would defend them no matter what, while others just love to hate it and its products. And some of those who belong to the latter category act on their hate and rage and they actually vandalize parked Teslas in all manner of ways.

Many such acts have been caught via Teslas’ Sentry Mode security camera feature, but in this video, the vandal is caught on a traditional camera overseeing a driveway in Orange County, California, where a red Model Y is parked. The assailant, dressed in all black and with his face partly covered, can be seen entering the frame from the left side wielding what appears to be a small hammer.

The part of the car the frustrated ninja hits first is the side window of the driver’s door. However, this repels all of his or her blows, so he/she focuses on the door. The thinner sheetmetal quickly gives way and his hammer does appear to have completely gone through it (at one point it looks like it’s stuck in the door and he has to yank it out).

This is confirmed in the photos of the attack’s aftermath - the driver’s door does indeed have three holes in it. The window appears to be fine, but police are on the lookout for the man who has yet to be identified.

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