Automotive News has learned that the market launch of the Volkswagen ID.4 in the U.S. will be slightly delayed, from late December 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

There is a simple reason for that  - Volkswagen has to focus on the European market, to sell as many electric cars as only possible, to lower the Volkswagen Group's overall average CO2 emission (of new cars in 2020) as much as possible.

Earlier this year, the company entered into a CO2 pooling arrangement with SAIC's MG, but it will probably not be sufficient to meet the required target, so each EV out of the gate in the European Union is now important to lower the fine.

From a corporate perspective, for sure it sounds more reasonable than having a few hundred  ofID.4 on a boat and to celebrate the delivery of a few of them in the last weeks of the year.

Anyway, the first customer deliveries of the Volkswagen ID.4 in the U.S. are now expected in Q1 2021, through a national rollout. The expected sales level is more than 20,000 in 2021.

Well, if we would have to put blame on why it's happening, we would say that the slow rollout of the Volkswagen ID.3, including months of waiting for the software version that would be good enough for launch (even if not completed). It totally wrecked the plan and Volkswagen was forced to sell Volkswagen e-Golf at a discount to increase the EV volume (those strong results in early 2020 were not organic or accidental).

Others also have problems, for example, Ford with the Ford Kuga PHEV recall, was forced to enter into CO2 pooling agreement with Volvo/Polestar.

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