Plug-in electric car sales in Switzerland are growing strong this year. In October nearly 3,000 new plug-ins were sold, which is 156% more than a year ago, while the market share hit 14%!

While the overall market declined by 27%, the year-to-date plug-in sales actually improved to 22,063 (up 71% year-over-year) and market share of 12%. It means Switzerland is really one of the top EV markets in Europe.

Top-selling plug-in models

The two best selling models - without change - are the Tesla Model 3 (3,133 YTD) and Renault ZOE (2,130 YTD), although especially in the case of Tesla, sales vary highly from month to month (depending on deliveries). In October it was only 61 Model 3.

The third best is Volvo XC60 PHEV (998 YTD), followed by Hyundai Kona Electric (722 YTD).

An interesting finding is that Volkswagen ID.3 managed to quickly jump to the top 10 with 189 units in October and 491 YTD.

High-end electric SUVs - Audi e-tron (514 YTD), Mercedes-Benz EQC (430 YTD) and Tesla Model X (403 YTD) are relatively close to each other and finally we see an example of a country where Model X is not far behind e-tron.

Kind of sensational is that Porsche Taycan (385 YTD) is ahead of Nissan LEAF (379 YTD). Wealthy Switzerland is not your typical EV market.

Top 20 models year-to-date

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