The GMC Hummer EV livestream event was certainly interesting. This is because it wasn't actually an event at all, and it wasn't live. Instead, it was a five-minute CGI commercial showcasing the upcoming electric pickup truck's incredible capability. When the video ended, we expected some onstage action and a real truck, but sadly, that wasn't the case.

A few days later, we learned that GM doesn't actually have a fully functional production-intent Hummer EV yet. In fact, it's just now starting development of the vehicle.

Let's be fair here to say that this isn't a whole lot different from the concept cars we drooled over for years at auto shows. Plus, GM already has the Hummer EV's platform and battery tech completed, in addition to the display copy's exterior and interior features. The company also explained it has a working prototype, but not one that is fully functional.

After the "livestream event," it became clear that GM provided a copy of the Hummer EV to some YouTube influencers so they could report on the electric pickup truck. We've watched the videos and shared some of them on InsideEVs. However, this recent video from Speed Phenom is arguably more detailed and revealing than any of the others. 

Keep in mind, you're not going to see this Hummer EV prototype rocket to 60 mph in three seconds, and it won't be crab-walking just yet. But, you do get to see it move under its own power, and you get a very solid indication of what the Edition 1 vehicle will look like inside and out.

Check out the video and then leave us a comment below. Are you sold on the GMC Hummer EV? Will it meet or exceed the estimated specs?

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