On September 15, we told our readers that the Model X was losing bits of its roof due to gluing issues with these parts. We hoped Tesla would reinforce quality control and solve this matter once and for all, but that does not seem to be the case after what happened to a Model Y. Getting back home right after delivery, it became a convertible. Not because his owner took it to a body shop but rather because "the entire glass roof just blew off."

This is how Reddit user Indescribables said everything happened one minute after the occupants of the electric CUV started hearing "a ton of wind," as if a window was open under highway speed.

"After a brief panic," they warned the highway patrol "to tell them that there was a car roof somewhere on the 580," and took it back to the Tesla Service Center where they picked it up only minutes ago.

Tesla Model Y Loses Glass Roof When Getting Back From Delivery

As usual, Tesla supporters asked Indescribables for evidence of what was reported and the Reddit user shared the video above and a picture at Imgur. We downloaded the video and edited it to make it easier to watch.

Indescribables was helping their father get delivery of his car. When they arrived back at the Tesla Service Center, the manager gave them his diagnostic that "either the seal for the roof was faulty, or the factory just... forgot to seal the roof on?"

Tesla Model Y Loses Glass Roof When Getting Back From Delivery

That has been the cause of multiple other issues we have reported here at InsideEVs. One of them involved water invading the A-pillar of a Model X. The other one was a Model 3 that lost its rear glass. Even Sandy Munro found signs of issues with glass gluing in the Model Y his team tore down.

The Reddit user started the thread to ask if anyone else faced a similar problem. Among the commenters, one posted a video to represent how many Tesla owners may feel with the company's explanations about issues like the one reported here.

Although we have not heard of any other episode of a glass roof taking off, urethane problems seem to be the root of all accidents remotely connected to this one. If you know Indescribables and could put them in touch with us, that would be an incredible help. 

If you do not know them but have something similar to share, you can contact us at contact@insideevs.com or through our Facebook page. Just make sure to ask for anonymity should you prefer not to go on the record, but bear in mind the story is much more credible if we can tell other readers who you are.

We cannot help but think these issues be associated with the rush to produce more vehicles by the end of each quarter to break new records. If that is the case, the big numbers may be great for shareholders, but bad for consumers if they imply quality build issues. Phillip L Chang is an example of that.

He is among the Model X owners that had pieces of the car roof flying off. After we reported the issue, we managed to get in touch with him. Chang told us the roof bit that flew away from his car was not made of glass: it was a plastic part. This was the reason the driver behind his Model X did not have his vehicle damaged.

Chang also asked us to highlight he loves his Model X after owning a Model S. He is also waiting for a Model 3 for his fiancée. That sort of care towards the brand is something Tesla would be able to retribute simply with more demanding quality control.

We hope that it is in the company's short-term plans, not only for Chang and customers like him but mostly for the drivers that happen to be behind them on the roads.

Source: Reddit 

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