We weren't surprised after Tesla's Battery Day, when a whole barrage of YouTube videos came out summarizing it and talking about the details. Many articles followed as well, but it was all just too much to digest and share. While we've now watched a multitude of videos about the event and Tesla's plans, we hesitated to share a lot of it here, unless it was unique or banked on the opinions of an expert.

We've been waiting for our good friend Sean Mitchell to complete his Tesla Battery Day video featuring Ravi Kempaiah. In the meantime, we reported on industry teardown expert Sandy Munro's take on a few occasions, as well as Wall Street's reaction, and that of Simon Moores, from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

It's clear that various views of the event and its implications were markedly different. While many investors seemed to want concrete information about breakthroughs happening immediately, seasoned experts saw the worth of Tesla's work and plans for the future.

Sean Mitchell has spoken with multiple battery experts at length in the past. In fact, he's had one-on-one meetings with Jeff Dahn, one of the biggest names in battery tech, a lithium-ion pioneer, and a Tesla battery research partner. Mitchell has also spoken with Ravi Kempaiah on a number of occasions. Kempaiah is a Ph.D. scholar, EV entrepreneur, and battery and energy storage expert. In addition, as you can see from the clip below, Sandy Munro is quite impressed with Kempaiah, as well as Mitchell's video interview.


If you're interested in Tesla and battery tech, we suggest carving an hour out of your busy week to watch and learn. Tesla presented a whole lot of information last week, and it was presented rather quickly. It seemed the goal was to try to simplify the presentation so that everyone could at least attempt to understand. However, there were many details that were either missing or not spelled out. Kempaiah takes us on a deep dive to paint a clearer picture.

What was your initial take on Tesla's Battery Day? Has your opinion changed since the event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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