There arguably isn't a bigger name in battery tech and battery research than Professor Jeff Dahn. And, who better to interview him and ask all the right questions than Sean Mitchell?

On one of his recent adventures, Mitchell has a discussion with the legendary Jeff Dahn, who has been integral in the lithium-ion battery space for many years (since 1978!). His work involves improving battery tech and chemistry to increase energy density and longevity while decreasing cost. 

A few years back, Dahn moved into a partnership with Tesla. Essentially, his personal research group works side-by-side with the Silicon Valley automaker at a lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sadly, Dahn was not really able to answer Tesla-specific questions in the interview. However, he does talk about battery cost and chemistry, as well as the latest research, among other things.

Clearly, part of Dahn's success — aside from his wealth of knowledge and experience — can be attributed to the fact that he's extremely likable and a real class act. 

The video is not too long and it's definitely enlightening. Mitchell has a knack for tracking down the most interesting EV news and securing the best interviews. He's willing to travel far and wide if needed, and he does his homework to assure that no one's time is wasted. 

Check out the video interview. Then, leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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Professor Jeff Dahn: EV Battery Maven


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