The YouTube channel E For Electric had Sandy Munro on as a guest to break down Tesla's Battery Day. Munro, both an occasional critic as well as a supporter of Tesla's manufacturing prowess, couldn't hold back his enthusiasm for what he called a "phenomenal" presentation. 

We know Munro has had a lot to say about what Tesla should change in its existing cars on his teardown videos, and he also loves to point out when Tesla makes a change that he suggested they do. So it didn't take him long into the video to point out how happy he was that Tesla is eliminating the 107 parts in the wheel inner and going with the mega-castings, and to say that he predicted that would happen.  

Sandy Munro

As for the new 4680 battery cells, Munro says the new cell is "super-duper" and that with these cells, Tesla no longer needs to pursue solid-state batteries: "This is going to be a tremendous improvement with range power and especially weight". 

It's a big deal because it basically eradicates the ICE engine - Sandy Munro on why Tesla's Battery Day stated advancements are so important

When the host brought up Lucid Motor's recent announcements about powertrain efficiency and how that might compare to Tesla's announcements, Munro quickly asked "How many vehicles does Lucid got on the road" and basically shut down Guberman's request to compare Tesla to Lucid saying "I put my money on those that actually made something, sold something and put it into the marketplace." In other words, until he sees it and can tear it apart, he doesn't even want to talk about it. That's part of why we love Sandy, he's a no-nonsense, no BS, car guy.

So check out the video and let us know what you think. Was Sandy too enthusiastic about what Tesla announced, or is he correct with his prediction that Tesla has basically ended the ICE age with the technology announced last week? As always, let us know in the comment section below. 

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