Tesla's progress in China thus far has been pretty incredible, to say the least. The company went from a January 2019 groundbreaking in a muddy field to an operational factory building Model 3 sedans in record time. Work is currently progressing very rapidly on Phase 2 of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China.

According to local reports, Model Y production timing could impress even more. Once Phase 2 – which just began in February 2020 – is completed, Tesla can start building the new electric crossover at the factory. At this point, the main structures are already completed. Now, the company has to proceed with "electromechanical works" and "commissioning," with the former set to be done by October, and the latter by November.


If Tesla pulls this off, it will be ahead of schedule once again. The Model Y isn't due for production and delivery in China until the first quarter of next year. The automaker has had a reputation for being behind schedule in the past, though the Model Y came to the U.S. market many months ahead of original plans. It only makes sense that Tesla would work to follow suit in China.

China-based local news agency Global Times reported:

"The main section of the second phase of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory has been completed and its Model Y will be mass-produced from the first quarter of next year, according to media reports.

At present, interior decoration and electromechanical testing are being carried out and are expected to be completed on schedule in October and November."

If everything goes as planned, Model Y trial production could begin in the next few months, followed by official production and deliveries ahead of Q1 2021. We already know that Tesla is currently hiring in China for Model Y pilot production. When do you think Tesla will deliver the first Model Y in China?

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