The idea of having a skateboard-like platform, with everything integrated, onto which you can add various styles of body is a popular one, and you can see why. You can essentially have a single (modular) chassis and have anything from a pickup to a sports car built on top of it, thus reducing the financial burden of having to develop a specific platform for each.

Canoo is a startup that is banking on such a strategy. It’s already created a skateboard chassis and it’s already shown the first production body it wants to place on it - a bulbous people carrier aimed at maximizing interior space and practicality. However, that’s not to say that more exciting bodies couldn’t be designed for the platform too.

In a recent very short (and unlisted) video, the company’s CEO, takes a bare chassis for a spin. We aren’t shown much, but it looks like shell has a very low center of gravity and it shows potential for use in more exciting cars in the future - a prospect not excluded by Canoo, even though it’s a company that doesn’t want to sell its cars directly, offering a subscription-based service instead.

The Canoo people mover was recently given the thumbs up by Jay Leno, after he went for a ride in it, and Korean automaker Hyundai expressed interest in possibly co-developing the platform and possibly using it to underpin an EV of its own.

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