Aldi Süd, a supermarket chain in Germany, announced the plan of installation of an additional 1,500 charging stations, on top of about 100 already deployed.

Unlike the previous installations with 20-50 kW DC chargers, this time at strategic locations the company intends to use higher-power units, of up to 150 kW. Each will have two CCS Combo 2 plugs, so no support for the retiring CHAdeMO any more. In other places, there will be AC charging points with output of up to 22 kW (three-phase).

By the end of this year some 200 locations to be launched, and then about 300 a year, which means that the work should be completed in 2025. More than 75% of all stores will be then ready for EVs.

Wherever possible, stores will get solar power, while in other cases the renewable electricity to be contracted.

Taking into consideration how well plug-in electric cars are selling right now in Germany, and how many locally made models entering the market, it's a smart move for any supermarket chain to install charging infrastructure.

The stations should attract EV owners and they will usually go shopping while charging.

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