While we can't speak for you individually, we can't get enough of these 'Teslacam Stories' from Wham Baam Teslacam, and neither can many of our readers. Why? Because they're fun to watch, and they remind us of something like America's Funniest Home Videos.

Basically, the YouTube channel requests TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage from Tesla owners and enthusiasts. However, the video must be accompanied by a story. The channel's editor actually reaches out to the owner of each submission to have a conversation and sort out the details. Many of the videos have a voiceover with the explanation of the event, though some have on-screen text.

This recent episode may be our favorite to date. It's a top 10 list of Tesla Autopilot videos. The goal is to show Autopilot detecting an imminent crash and how it handles the incident. It's important to remember that Tesla Autopilot still requires the driver to pay attention and take over as needed. However, if it works as designed, it could potentially save your life, since a computer has the ability to "see" things before you do and react to them much more quickly.

With that said, the system can't "understand" all situations like a human can, so false alarms, disengagements, quirks, and failures are bound to happen. The real question about technologies like Autopilot is do they save lives? Of course, they do. Moreover, do they save more lives than they take? The odds are stacked in the favor of advanced driver-assist systems, otherwise, they wouldn't even be allowed on cars. While you're certain to see news stories about a system's failure leading to an injury or a death, you won't often hear the countless stories about this technology saving people's lives.

We'd love to know your take on Tesla Autopilot. Check out the video and then scroll down to leave us a comment.

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