Porsche have done a great job with the look of the Taycan, which is both prettier and more aggressive than the brand’s other sedan, the Panamera. However, that’s not to say there isn’t room for making it stand out even more, and Prior Design has just the ticket to achieve that.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Turbo S by Prior Design

The German specialist in aero kits, rims and exhaust systems (which is no stranger to designing parts for EVs) has worked its magic on the Taycan adding to the aggression that was already engrained in its design. It’s a full widebody kit, complete with massive racing-style rear wing and unique rims.

If you were wondering what parts this kit specifically adds, well, it comes with widened fenders (60 mm wider up front and 100 mm wider in the rear), that integrate with the factory front and rear bumpers and everything is tied in together thanks to more aggressive side skirts. The wheels are custom 22-inch rims with a five twin-spoke, multipiece design and they compliment the look quite well.

Now this is certainly a striking look for an already striking vehicle and for some it might be a bit too much. Prior says it will offer a more toned down version of this kit that ditches the bulging wheel arches and it will also be a bit cheaper to buy too; prices are available upon request.

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