We now know roughly what the starting price for Cadillac’s first dedicated EV, the Lyriq SUV, will be when it debuts in 2022 - 2023. According to the president of General Motors, its base price will be under the $60,000 mark, thus making it quite a bit cheaper than rival electric SUVs of similar size.

Steve Carlisle, quoted by Automotive News, made the announcement at the JP Morgan Auto Conference, where he spoke about Cadillac’s move away from internal combustion-engined models towards fully electric vehicles. Regarding the Lyriq, he pointed out that

‘ This car will need to be priced similar to how the industry prices midsize lux SUVs today, maybe a slight premium at the outset. It's a price that won't be high five digits. It won't start with a seven and it won't start with a six. ‘

The Lyriq is expected to have a 100 kWh battery pack that’s good for a range of around 300 miles (483 km), and its maximum charge rate is expected to be capped at 150 kW. Base examples will be rear-wheel drive only, although more expensive trims will get a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup.

Key features that will set the Lyriq apart from other vehicles will be the latest iteration of Cadillac’s Super Cruise self-driving tech and a high tech, high quality interior that will be dominated by a massive 33-inch that will span most of the dash (which will actually be comprised of three separate screens placed behind a pane of curved glass).

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