See video of the world's first off-road-ready Tesla Model Y in motion and on the move. It even conquers some rather challenging obstacles. It was actually built for Overlanding, and it's not completed yet.

This comes to you just hours after we shared an aftermarket off-road kit for the Model 3, and hoped something would come to market for the Model Y. Well, here you have it!

While most Model Y owners will modify their cars by lowering the suspension and perhaps fitting it with some low-profile rubber, this Model Y goes in the completely opposite direction. It features a suspension lift of 4 inches that allows for larger tires that are more capable in off-road situations.

In addition, it features a subdued wrap that looks right at home out in the wilderness. It will help protect the car from rocks and dirt, and may even work to hide dried mud, though some off-road aficionados may want to show off their mud-covered crossover.

The Model Y belongs to our friend Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) who has been creating solid Tesla content for some time. He took delivery of one of the first Model Y crossovers back in March, accompanied by our own Kyle Conner.

model y off road 2

Since then, he has had it out on the track several times and taken it on multiple road trips to talk about range, efficiency, cargo space, and charging. However, this latest project is much more interesting and unique since it may actually be the world's first off-road-ready Model Y. You get to see it here first on InsideEVs. Have you seen another?

Check out the new video above to see the off-road Model Y in all its glory. Then, start a conversation in the comment section below. Do you like it? What would you change? Is this something that will catch on?

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