While Tesla vehicles are a huge deal in Norway, some folks need more capability to deal with the country's rough terrain and weather conditions. However, the Model X is quite expensive and the Model Y hasn't yet launched in Norway. So, how about an off-road package for the Tesla Model 3?

That's exactly what German aftermarket company Delta4x4 created. Sure, the Model 3 isn't an off-road vehicle, but its incredible electric torque, available dual-motor AWD setup, and long electric range do help. This package attempts to take it to the next level, with a lift kit and aftermarket rims and tires. According to Delta4x4 (via MotorTrend):

"This iconic electric car is not well suited for the Nordic terrain. The Tesla's batteries situated deep down in the vehicle can make driving in this at times unpredictable environment almost catastrophic."

The package's suspension kit lifts the Model 3 35-mm (1.4-inch) and adds aftermarket 18-inch wheels and 18-inch all-terrain tires. Delta4x4 says all the components are now ready to order, though it doesn't appear there's an option for U.S. orders (the site was under maintenance at the time of writing, so we couldn't dive in very deep).

The best part is they parts are relatively inexpensive. The lift kit costs 480 euros (about $540 USD). The Cooper 245/45R18 tires start at 1,500 euros (about $1,685). If you buy the tires along with the FlangeLock-protected Klassik B wheels, the price is 2,500 euros ($2,810), plus the assembly fee.

Would you buy a kit like this? What about a similar aftermarket setup for the Tesla Model Y? Let us know in the comment section below.

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