Aral (part of BP), a fuel brand (since 1898) with around 2,400 filling stations in Germany, has announced a major rollout of ultra-fast charging infrastructure.

The company recently completed a 12-month pilot project with chargers installed at the first five sites and during the next 12-month period, it will install more than 100 ultra-fast chargers, rated at up to 350 kW.

The plan is to install two chargers per site and each charger will be able to charge two vehicles, so a total of four can be connected.

With about 30 sites selected for the first phase (total of 60 chargers to be installed):

"The first phase of the roll-out will see chargers installed and connected at about 30 Aral sites, mainly those located by motorways, trunk roads and at metropolitan sites.  Each retail site will offer two chargers with two charging points, allowing up to four electric vehicles to charge at a time."

In the longer term, Aral intends to add EV chargers at several hundred locations in Germany, which would make the network one of the biggest and already well-positioned geographically (fuel stations are usually placed strategically).

All the chargers will be powered by 100% certified renewable energy.

Aral CEO Patrick Wendeler said:

"With our five pilot stations, we were able to gain valuable experience over the past year which is now being incorporated into our future planning. We plan to integrate the chargers into the heart of our retail sites, while improving directions on site and providing a roof for electric vehicle charging where possible."

"At Aral, our aim is to be the fuel provider of choice, whether drivers need electric charging or liquid fuels. As the market leader in the German filling station business, we are an ideal point of contact for convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging on the go,".

Aral ultra fast charging
Aral ultra fast charging
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