Tesla paint issues are more than known. So much so that Paint Protection Film – PPF – should come as standard. But what if the solution reveals yet another problem with the paint? This is what Ryan Wallace discovered on his brand new Tesla Model Y. When the detailers peeled off PPF for adjustment – a normal procedure when applying it – the paint on the bumpers came with it.

Wallace had carefully chosen a detailer with fantastic reviews to apply PPF to his car. It is in Virginia, and he lives in Maryland, but he preferred to spend time and money with someone that really knew how to do it. That said, Wallace did not believe the paint peeling off was the detailer's fault, who gave him the URL of a Facebook thread at the Tesla Model Y group talking about the issue. We found another one there about the same situation.

Apart from that, Wallace sent the detailer video he got to his brother-in-law, who works at a body shop. What called his attention was that the bumper surface was smooth as if it was not treated for painting.

After researching the subject, Wallace discovered it typically affects units with VINs between 2000 and 3000. He also said that Tesla covers that issue under warranty, but that you have to document it pretty well so that the company will not claim it is not responsible for that.

For what we have seen with the Model 3 rear bumper issue, also a "known issue," the warranty coverage is not something you can take for granted. It is also probably nothing that will be restricted to the VINs Wallace talked about: there may be newer units presenting it as well. What Model Y owners have to know is that this is something else Tesla should fix. Doing a paint job that did not demand PPF would be a great start.

Source: Ryan Wallace

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