There’s not a light way to say this, so here it goes: early adopters are voluntary guinea pigs. They are the ones that get all the defects any product can present first hand for the debatable pleasure of being the first ones to have anything. Regardless of how brilliant a new product is, that is quite a burden, and this Tesla Model Y video reminds us of that.

The TechnologyExpo YouTube channel begins this video presenting the words “freedom, enjoyment, elation, excellence,” and “amazement.” In light of how it develops, we wonder if that was the initial impression the presenter had with the Tesla or just plain sarcasm.

The number of issues listed for this Model Y unit is impressive, even compared to the previous cases we have already reported. The video presenter stresses that he only made the video after asking the Tesla Service Center to repair the problems. Yet, many were still there. The first one is a panel that is outplaced inside the rear left wheel well. 

There are multiple alignment problems: hatch, charge port, both tail lights, rear right door, front right door (due to the welding of the hinge), front right fender, right headlight, left front fender and left front door. The description gets to a point in which it would be easier to point out what is ok: the list would probably be shorter.

This Tesla Model Y Video Warns You Not To Buy One – At Least For Now

The presenter says his car is not according to specs. Then, he gets the already classic answer from Tesla Service Centers, which claim anything is according to specifications. We would love to see what the specifications are, and we doubt the tolerances are that high. If they are, perhaps tolerance is unlimited, which is equivalent to saying they have no control whatsoever.

As expected, this Tesla Model Y also presents paint issues, a widely known defect not only for that vehicle but also for the Model 3. Inside, the rear seats do not fold when the buttons are pressed, and the presenter mentions what may be another design flaw of the Model Y: the right seat belt gets stuck between the C-pillar and the rear seat.

2 - Cowl cover

Just like EVM, the video presenter complains that the frunk lid is too thin. When he says he frequently gets warnings that the frunk is not closed correctly, even if it is, it makes us wonder if this unit is also affected by the cowl cover issue Sandy Munro discovered when he was tearing down the Model Y.

The video presents more defects when it is not interrupted by short and annoying advertising breaks. Bear in mind that, as a Tesla Model Y owner, the presenter of this video is going against his own interest to spread a relevant warning. If people regard this Tesla as a lousy choice, demand, and prices for the Model Y may fall. In other words, it will be harder to resell, and depreciation will be high.

The general message for those willing to listen is that customers should wait for Tesla to get it together. More than that, it is an appeal for Tesla to have quality control. Any effort in that sense could avoid a bad customer experience not only for the ones getting these cars now but also to the ones Tesla may have to resell them as if they were immaculate.

Source: TechnologyExpo

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