The C4 Cactus was one of the quirkiest looking recent Citroens that really harkened back to the wacky character of older models sold by the dual chevron brand. Now it’s going to be replaced by an all-new model that ditches the Cactus from its name and is also available with a pure electric powertrain for the first time ever.

This all-electric model is going to be called the e-C4 and Citroen has now confirmed that it will be officially unveiled on June 30. Aside from the official reveal date, we don’t have any additional new information on the model.

What we already knew about the model was the fact that it is going to be underpinned by the same CMP platform atop which smaller models like the Peugeot e-208 and e-2008, as well as the DS3 Crossback are built. And the electric e-C4 variant will most likely feature the exact same battery pack and motor setup.


This means it’s going to have 136 horsepower and 260 Nm (192 pound-feet) of torque and it will draw from a 50 kWh battery pack. The similar-size e-2008 has a claimed WLTP range of 310 km (193 miles), and we expect the e-C4 to be very similar in this respect.

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