At least temporarily, Tesla Model 3 was behind the all-electric BYD Qin.

The automotive market in China continues to recover, as in April 2020, overall car sales nearly matched results from a year ago (down only 3%).

Improvements concern also plug-in electric cars - the rate of year-over-year decline is smaller (down 29%), but still significant.

According to the EV Sales Blog, more than 61,000 passenger plug-ins (72% were BEVs) were sold at the market share of about 4%.

After the first four months of 2020, total sales amounted to roughly 191,000 (4.2% of the total market).

Plug-in electric car sales in China – April 2020


Model rank

The Tesla Model 3 remains on the top after four months, but with "just" 4,312 sales it was actually second best in April, behind the BYD Qin Pro EV (5,096). It will be interesting to see how things will change once BYD introduces the Han in volume.

Previous reports already indicated that the Model 3 result in April would be weaker (3,635 wholesale shipments) and now we got the confirmation. Reuters adds that in total 4,633 Tesla cars were registered (so 312 Model S/X we guess).

Moving forward, a relatively strong result last month was noted also by GAC Aion S (3,586), NIO ES6 (2,907) and the all-new 7-seat SUV Li Xiang One (aka Leading Ideal One) (2,622), which happens to be a series-hybrid plug-in (Extended Range Electric Vehicle).

Top 20 YTD by EV Sales Blog:

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