A few weeks ago, as we were looking for more information about Tesla vehicles, towing, and EV towing in general, we stumbled upon an interesting YouTube channel. It's called Trail Less Traveled, and it follows a family that spends a lot of time camping.

Up until recently, we would have never even noticed the channel, since the family pulled a large RV with their gas-powered pickup truck. However, they just decided to buy a Tesla Model X. Then, they spent some time researching the best camper to tow behind the Tesla. If you know anything about EVs and towing, you probably know as well as we do that they may be in for a big surprise when they set out on a road trip with the new setup.

Towing impacts range significantly for all vehicles. Even if you have a big, powerful diesel truck, you're going to have to gas up much more often. However, there are many factors involved. The same is true for electric vehicles, though to a greater degree. If you plan on going on long family road trips and towing with your Tesla, you'd better plan to stop and Supercharge often. Keep in mind, pulling up to a Supercharger with a camper has the potential to be quite complicated.

The Trail Less Traveled family has plenty more testing to do. Conditions weren't in their favor for this maiden voyage, but you can't ever expect conditions to be in your favor. The issue, in this case, was the wind. Pulling something tall and not very aerodynamic against heavy winds is a toughy. It will make the already increased consumption skyrocket.

Check out the video to see how far they were able to travel. Then, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Trail Less Traveled on YouTube:

Towing 200 Miles with a Tesla || Tesla Towing || Sn. 3, Ep. 30

We got tired of waiting for everything to open up to give the Tesla and our Apex Nano 194BHS their first real test, so we took our set up out for lunch! ⇟⇟⇟MORE BELOW⇟⇟⇟

With COVID-19 still making it difficult to get out and camp, we made our own adventure. We packed up a lunch, got a little water in the tanks, and hit the road. We traveled just under 100 miles to the next closest Tesla Supercharger in Grand Island, NE and back home again in one day.

How did she tow? It's a tail of 2 trips between our drive out to Grand Island and back. So, how many miles can we go in a single charge? That may still be a mystery to discover each time we travel!

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