Trail Less Traveled is a YouTube channel produced by a family that loves to travel. Essentially, they weren't spending enough time together and truly experiencing life, so they bought an RV that they tow with a gas-powered pickup truck. However, they recently splurged for a 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus. The hope was they could find a bunkhouse camper large enough to accommodate them, but not so large that towing it with the Tesla would prove problematic.

In this video, they pick up their new 2021 Coachman Apex Nano. They tow it home with the truck and get it all set up to tow with their Model X. It seems like the perfect choice. However, will they be able to tow it many miles? Is it going to be practical overall? They have a whole lot to figure out if they want to make this work.

For background, we've included a previous video below that shares more of their story. It highlights their switch to the Tesla Model X. Up until now, they've been towing a large RV with a Ford F-350. They question whether or not the Tesla will work for them in terms of charging, fuel savings, and towing.

Do you tow a camper with an electric vehicle? If so, please educate us in the comments below. Which EV do you drive? What camper did you choose?

Video Description via Trail Less Traveled on YouTube:

Towing a Camper with a Tesla || 2021 New Apex Nano 194BHS || Sn. 3, Ep. 30

Our new camper is here! We found a great little bunkhouse our 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus can tow and we take it for it's first drive. ⇟⇟⇟MORE BELOW⇟⇟⇟

We picked up our 2021 Coachman Apex Nano 194bhs from the dealer (with the truck, because the dealership had not heard of a Tesla before) and brought it home for it's first drive with our Tesla Model X. Find out how our first 30 miles towing went and how far we think we will be able to drive while towing.

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