The CHAdeMO Association recently updated the official numbers of the installed DC chargers with CHAdeMO plugs, which globally reached 32,300 (28% more compared to 25,300 in June 2019).

Despite the standard having a truly global presence (it's the same everywhere and you can find it almost in all markets), we feel it's gradually fading due to lack of new compatible models of electric cars (outside of Japan, Nissan LEAF is basically fighting alone with small support from Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV) and several other factors.

In the future, CHAdeMO will be combined with the Chinese GB/T standard, into one ChaoJi high-power DC charging standard, but that's a different topic.

As of May 2020, the number of CHAdeMO points is as follows:

  • Globally: 32,300 (up 28% from 25,300 in June 2019)
  • Europe: 14,400 (up 57% from 9,200 in June 2019)
  • Japan: 7,700 (just 100 more than a year ago)
  • Asia (minus Japan): 5,000
  • North America: 4,600 (up 44% from 3,200 in June 2019)
  • other: about 500

The progress of new installations is noticeable, but nothing remarkable to be honest, especially in Japan, the home of CHAdeMO, where new installations are almost on hold (BEV sales are also relatively low).


Since the biggest market for CHAdeMO is Europe, let's take a look at how the map looks like for particular countries.

Top four:

  • UK: 2,652
  • Germany 2,391
  • Norway: 1,569
  • France: 1,236

1 million CHAdeMO compatible cars

There are about 1 million plug-in electric cars with a CHAdeMO DC charging inlet in the world. Only the Chinese GB/T standard has more.

However, the new most popular DC standard in Europe is - without surprise - CCS2, used also in the latest Tesla cars.

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