Ford may still not have an extensive charging network as Tesla does with Superchargers, but it wants to fix that. And it also wants the Mustang Mach-E to get more juice whenever it is plugged to a DC fast charger. In that sense, the company has excellent news to share with the EV community.

When it comes to the Mach-E, Ford says it can charge 30 percent faster than the first tests indicated. While the electric SUV previously got 46 miles in ten minutes of fast charging, it now adds 61 miles to the whole range in that same time. Ford did not explain what changed to have this improvement.

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Regarding the FordPass Charging Network – accessible via the FordPass app – the manufacturer said it would have 1,000 additional charging stations and 5,000 more charging plugs. That will make Mach-E owners have more than 13,500 charging stations and 40,000 charging plugs available in North America. According to Ford, that makes the FordPass Charging Network the "largest electric vehicle public charging network" in the region.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Charges 30 Percent Faster Than Previously Expected

The FordPass is currently an app that Ford owners can use to pay bills, find their vehicle, control the car, and be part of a rewards program, among other things. When the Mach-E is available, it will work like the Tesla app, helping the owner pay for fast charging at the FordPass charging stations and plugs, which are not necessarily from Ford, such as the Ford Fastor chargers

On another note, Ford seized the opportunity to say a 48A Ford Connected Charge Station will be able to fully load the Mach-E's battery pack in 10.1 hours – at a pace of 30 mi per hour. All Ford EVs will come with a mobile charger. The biggest battery pack demands 14.1 hours for a full charge. Connected to a 240V outlet, they can provide up to 21 mi per hour of charging. If you just connect the car to a standard 120V outlet, you'll get 3 mi per hour.

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