As you can see from the brief video above, this vandal walks up to a Tesla parked in a residential driveway, works hard to remove the charger from the car, and casually walks away after successfully unplugging the car. Fortunately for the owner, Tesla Sentry Mode captured the whole incident clearly. The criminal's face is easy to see.

At this point, we don't know if the crime has been reported to the authorities or if the perp has been caught, though we assume he hasn't since that information wasn't included with the video. All it takes is getting these videos up on social media to quickly identify the vandal, at least in many cases.

We share videos like this for a few reasons. First of all, we appreciate Tesla's Sentry Mode and built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) technology. We can only hope that other automakers will follow suit. Second, as mentioned above, when we get the video out there, it may help identify the criminal.

The other reason we're sharing this is we'd like to ask you why you think this continues to happen? What is the motive behind such actions? Do these people hate Tesla? Hate electric vehicles in general? Want a few minutes of fame? Have a personal issue with the driver? Do they walk around siphoning gas out of cars as well?

It makes a bit more sense when we see people unplugging cars at public charging stations. This is due to impatience or irritation. A person wants to charge and there's another car in the spot. But, to unplug a vehicle in someone's private driveway? It's just plain weird.

Video Description via Dunkvan on YouTube:

Tesla Sentry Mode Thief/Vandal pulls plug out of charging port. May 9, 2020

Tesla Sentry Mode capturing an individual yanking charger out of charge port in an owner's driveway. Looks like the charger can be pulled out.

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