Tesla Sentry Mode and the automaker's built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) feature have both proven helpful in many ways. Tesla is able to offer these technologies free of charge since they rely on its cars' standard Autopilot cameras. On a few occasions, we've learned that the systems can be buggy or not work correctly for a time.

Tesla's features are constantly updated due to free over-the-air software updates. This means that many of the features are released in a Beta mode, and then tweaked over time. In many cases, this is positive and leads to improvements. However, as with any type of software update, sometimes the update process can cause temporary issues, such as those explained in the video above.

Not long ago, we shared a video about the alarm system in the Tesla Model 3. The owner went to great lengths to try to set off the alarm, but nothing worked. In the comments of that article, people said their Model 3 alarm/Sentry Mode activates without issue. So, we figured that particular Model 3 might have an isolated problem that could require service.

In this recent video, the Tesla owner points out bugs with his Sentry Mode system. Once again, the problems with the alarm not triggering may be isolated to certain cars or specific areas. Regardless, his Model 3 has been damaged and the feature never activated.

This Tesla owner has tried several different ways to fix the problem and he's reached out to Tesla. The Tesla customer service rep told him that it's not an isolated incident, it has to do with a recent update, and it should be fixed with the next update. While we have no way to prove that the call is real, it seems legit. You can actually listen to the call on the video.

We're asking our readers to let us know if they've experienced similar issues. If so, did you figure out a way to fix it? Have you contacted Tesla and had any luck? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Just Tesla on YouTube:

My Sentry Mode Doesn't work! & Neither does yours! Tesla Model 3 System Bug Found!

So i wanted to expose this bug and hopefully find a resolution. I have contacted Tesla so many times about this and i have had no response to my emails.

The tesla model 3 with the latest update in the UK does not work .

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