Let's face it, 20-inch forged track wheels aren't designed with range boosting in mind. These super stunning Tesla Model 3 Zero-G wheels are a Tesla referral prize. We reported about them just the other day, along with the fact that they're much like (if not the same as) the Model 3 Performance wheels that are part of the $5,500 Track Pack.

Our friend and colleague Kyle Conner is one of the Tesla customers who just had the Zero-G wheels installed on his Model 3. It's probably safe to say he's the only Tesla owner with his own personal track, which allows him to get right into testing the product. With that said, Conner put together an impromptu video testing the car's consumption wearing the new shoes.

We'll be honest to say that we expected the Zero-G wheels to eat up lots of energy, but perhaps not as much as Conner's tests proved. His tests showed that the Model 3 Performance with the 20-inch track wheels consumes more energy than the larger Tesla Model Y Performance with 21s. The two cars were tested at the same speed and under similar conditions.

Check out the video for all Kyle's details. Then, start a conversation in our comment section below.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 70mph Consumption Test w/ 20" Zero-G Referral Wheels

Kyle and Alyssa head out to test the 20" Zero-G referral wheels in size 20X9.0J ET34 with 235/35/20 PS4S tires. These wheels look great.

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