It's time to dive in and fix all the issues with this sucky Tesla Model X.

You may remember, not too long ago we shared a video with you from Rich Rebuilds. He claimed the Tesla Model X is the most useless car he owns. Not surprisingly, it received a ton of push back from Tesla fans. However, while Rich loves Tesla, he admits he likes to get Tesla fans worked up.

The reason Rich's Model X is so useless is it need a ton of expensive work. He bought the car really cheap, and he's teamed up with the guys over at Electrified Garage to make it better. Rich's issues with the Model X aren't limited to the messed up car he bought, however. He's not happy with the Model X in general. It's expensive, parts are expensive, repair and maintenance are expensive, the falcon wing doors are silly, etc.

In this followup episode, Rich takes us through a bunch of the issues, as well as what they're doing to fix them. The goal here is to make his Model X suck less. However, it seems that he thinks it will still suck in the end, though he reminds us that even though it may be useless to him, it still has value.

Check out the video for all the details. Then, leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

Making my Tesla model X suck LESS

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Lets try this one again :) Today we FIX all the issues with my sucky model X so it doesn't quite suck anymore!

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