Tesla launched the Model Y crossover on March 13, 2020, months ahead of schedule. As expected, the vehicle is only available in dual-motor all-wheel-drive two-row versions for now. Tesla's website shows the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance, priced at $52,900 and $60,990, respectively.

We do know that eventually, just like it did with the Model 3, Tesla will offer other variants of the Model Y. Interestingly, not long after the electric crossover came to market, the automaker was already telling reservation holders to prepare for delivery and provide Tesla with their trade-in and payment information, despite the fact that these people had ordered a rear-wheel-drive and/or three-row Model Y.

Fast-forward to this week, and it appears we have confirmation (albeit unofficial as usual) that Tesla is definitely bringing a rear-wheel-drive Model Y to market, and it will likely be delivered in May or June. This news came from reservation holder Tesla MotherFrunker on Twitter, as shared by Tesla Talks:


Check out the very brief video for all the details. Then let us know if you ordered a rear-wheel-drive Model Y. Are you ready to take delivery?

Video Description via DaxM on YouTube:

The Model Y RWD is coming!

After much debate, it appears that the Model Y RWD is coming after all.

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