We really don’t know who Volkswagen was trying to fool with this lightly camouflaged ID.4 coupe model (which may or may not end up being called ID.5) with its faux Subaru grille. This seems to be a trend, because the last ID.4 prototype we saw (which wasn’t of the coupe model and had more camo) was dressed up to look like an Opel model.

It’s clearly the coupe version of the manufacturer’s upcoming all-electric crossover, and it looks like this particular one might be the hot GTX model, the most powerful one they will sell. It doesn’t seem likely that Volkswagen would begin testing the hottest version of its upcoming electric coupe crossover first, but this particular prototype has an aggressive front bumper (similar in its design to what VW puts on its GTI- or R-badged models) and a dinky spoiler on the rear deck lid.

These two design elements do point to the fact that this could be the GTX which we seem to have fairly accurately previewed in our rendering of the model.

VW ID.4 Coupe GTX Production Preview Rendering

In case you need a refresh, Volkswagen’s second all-electric model after the ID.3 hatchback will be the ID.4 crossover, which will be available in two body styles. The prototype shot by our spies is the sportier coupe-like model, the one that sacrifices some practicality in the quest to look like a sportier vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that Volkswagen won’t launch the smaller ID.3 with an all-wheel drive powertrain, at least not at first; one may be added to the range later (since the modular platform which also underpins the taller ID.4 allows for it). So buyers who will want an all-electric Volkswagen with all-wheel drive will have to go for the ID.4.

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.4

For those more keen drivers out there, the GTX version of the ID.4 will definitely be intriguing. It will have power and performance to match VW’s R models - the design study that previewed the model, the ID Crozz concept, had a total power output of 302 horsepower and 332 pound-feet (450 Nm) of torque. That should be enough for a naught to sixty sprint time of 6 seconds or slightly less (maybe the high 5s).

VW is expected to officially debut the ID.4 before the end of 2020, although the global pandemic situation may affect its plan to do so.

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