If you are following our articles on Tesla vehicles that should have HW 3.0 but have HW 2.5, you know we have been dealing with it carefully. The only proof we had that Tesla promised all its cars would have the HW 3.0 was a rather vague tweet from April 23, 2019. An old video will allow us to be much more incisive about that: it shows Elon Musk affirming all Teslas would have HW 3.0 from that moment on. It was April 22, 2019.

The old video we mention can be seen above. It was shot on the Tesla Autonomy Day. Considering it is a long video, we have picked the exact moment in which Musk says this:

“At first, it seems improbable. How could it be that Tesla, who has never designed a chip before, would design the best chip in the world? But that is objectively what has occurred. Not best by a small margin: best by a huge margin. It’s in the cars right now. All Teslas being produced right now have this computer. We switched over from the Nvidia solution for S and X about a month ago and switched over the Model 3 about ten days ago. All cars being produced have all the hardware necessary, compute and otherwise, for full self-driving.

To emphasize that, Elon Musk repeats:

“I’ll say that again: all Tesla cars being produced right now have everything necessary for full self-driving. All you need to do is improve the software.”   

That leaves no doubts about the strategy: all cars from that point on would have the new computer. There was a cost reduction in adopting it, according to Musk and Pete Bannon, the leader of its project. So why haven’t they? 

Why do so many still get HW 2.5? Was it the contract with Nvidia that imposed making more of these ADAS with the old chip? Perhaps any problem with Samsung, who produces the chip for Tesla?

Why Have These MIC Tesla Model 3 Units Come With HW 2.5?

We do not even have to get into the specifics of the situation. As long as Tesla makes up for the clients that expected to have the HW 3.0 instead of the HW 2.5, it can probably keep the reasons for itself. What is not reasonable is getting the impression that the company decided it was a bad idea to offer the HW 3.0 for free when it could make it a bargaining chip – no pun intended – to force clients to pay $7,000 more for the FSD package.

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