Thousands of orders for the RWD Long Range and AWD Performance Model 3 are booked.

According to the reliable website, Tesmanian, orders for the Tesla Model 3 RWD Long Range, and AWD Performance have been robust since Tesla opened the order books two days ago. In fact, They are reporting that as many as 20,000 Chinese-made Model 3s may have been ordered in the last 24 hours alone. 

In the tweet below, Tesmanian shows a screenshot of a list of Model 3 orders that reveals 10 orders in one minute. The orders come in from different cities in China and were all placed at 4:35 PM Beijing time on Saturday, April 11th. 


The rear-wheel-drive Long Range Model 3 sells for ¥339,050 ($48,170) after subsidies, and the all-wheel-drive Performance model costs ¥419,800 ($59,643). 


Sales for the rear-wheel-drive Short Range version have been very good so far, but not as strong as these recent reports indicate. We want to be clear, we don't have any official confirmation on these reports. However, Tesmanian has been a reliable source in the past, and if true, it will be a major victory for Tesla, especially since China and the world is still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown.

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