Chinese buyers can already order the MIC Long Range model; MIC Performance coming in 2021.

You can now order the locally made Tesla Model 3 in China in either Long Range or Performance trims. The former has a claimed range of 668 km (415 miles) and it isn’t significantly more expensive than the Standard Range model.


The Chinese-made Model 3 LR starts at 366,550 yuan (which equates to around $52,000), which is less than 15 percent more expensive than the Model 3 SR (whose starting price in China is 323,800 yuan, equating to $46,040). With government subsidies, the Long Range model’s price drops to 339,050 yuan (or roughly $48,200).

The MIC Model 3 is more expensive than the LR, kicking off at 419,800 yuan (or around $59,700); it will be lower once the subsidies for it are announced.

Deliveries of the MIC Model 3 LR will kick off in June of this year, and they will help bolster Tesla's already impressive sales in the People’s Republic - the manufacturer has had increasing sales over the past two months, in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The MIC Model 3 Performance, on the other hand, will arrive in early 2021.

Tesla’s manufacturing site in China reportedly churned out just over 10,000 units in March, but once these two new variants of Model 3 go into full production, the figure will probably rise.

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