Lordstown Motors today announced that it received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Innervations, a Florida-based company specializing in fast DC and Level II EV chargers, "to broker 1,000 Lordstown Endurances to their clients to convert their company fleets to electric vehicles."

"With their innovative EVEN Recharge branded Level 2 / DC fast charging stations, and cloud-based management system, Innervations has created an EV Fleet Program to assist corporations in converting their existing gas or diesel fleets to all-electric vehicles."

Together with previous LOIs, including:

Lordstown already has non-binding agreements for a four-digit number of the Endurance electric pickup truck, which is scheduled (still, despite the COVID-19) for market launch by the end of 2020.

New letters of intent cre oming from various "customers across the country":

"Lordstown Motors Corp. has now received letters of intent from customers across the country, including government entities, fleet management organizations, construction companies, security companies, landscapers and grounds crews, and those working in the fields of steel, natural gas, oil and petroleum."

...which at least on paper, indicates significant demand for an electric pickup. Hopefully, the interest will become high enough to successfully launch Endurance.

Gallery: Lordstown Motors Endurance

2020 Lordstown Endurance info:

  • at least 200 miles (320 km) of EPA range
  • probably more than 70 kWh battery (roughly 6,000 cylindrical cells per pack)
  • top speed of 80 mph (128 km/h)
  • all-wheel drive with 4 in-wheel hub motors
  • system output of 600 hp (roughly 440 kW)
  • AC charging in 10 hours (7 kW, up to 95% SOC)
  • DC charging in 0.5-1.5 hour
  • Off-board power for tools and accessory (stationary) 3.6 kW (120V, 30 A)
  • seating for 5
  • towing capacity of 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg)
  • Gradeability at GVW of 30%
  • starting from $52,500 ($45,000 after deducting federal tax credit of $7,500)
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