The latest car registration data from Iceland is pretty surprising, even if we were accustomed to the extremely high market share for plug-in cars (see report for February here).

Thanks to the surge of Tesla car deliveries in March (403), the Californian brand has become #1 not only for the month (with ease), but also for the first quarter of 2020 (415) with a huge advantage over Toyota (358) and Volkswagen (245). Of course, Tesla is selling only electric cars, while the other two mostly ICE.

Iceland New Car Registrations - Q1 2020


Since Tesla has been officially present in Iceland since fall 2019, customers can count on bigger manufacturer-support.

There is currently a single store, service center and Supercharging station in Reykjavík, the capital and largest city of Iceland. In the near future, Tesla plans to add four more Supercharging sites to allow long-distance travel around the island.

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