This unusual conversion is tackled by two YouTubers.

Domino’s Pizza has a fleet of Chevrolet Spark-based delivery vehicles they call DXPs, but none of them are electric. YouTuber Samcrac, with the help of his buddy Rich Rebuilds, decided it would be a good idea to take the all-electric powertrain out of a Chevy Spark EV and mate it to the pizza delivery vehicle.

Why would they go to all this trouble, we hear you say? Well, it’s all down to the pizza warmer that is built into the side of the DXP. We’re not exactly sure what anybody other than a pizza delivery company would want such a thing, but the conversion is going ahead regardless.

In this first video, Sam and Rich proceed to start dismantling the pizza delivery car, although it has to be said that it doesn’t seem to be the focus of the video. So aside from seeing the two start working on the car, a good chunk of the video is dedicated to Rich going to buy V-neck shirts and socks and complaining about how steeply priced they are; they then go to a drive through to get food...

So, be warned, only the first third of the video is about what the title says it’s supposed to be about. The other part of the video is just the two YouTubers pretty much trolling their audience and the like to dislike ratio suggests that viewers didn’t really find it that funny. Hopefully, in the follow up video, they’ll get back to working on the cars.

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