In dyno mode, the Tesla Model Y is a beast. Watch this video to see it drift around corners, rip it like it's a rally car and burn up some rubber on a track.

This video features our friend Kyle from Out of Spec Motoring (he's also the host of our very own new InsideEVs You Tube channel) and Brian from i!Tesla who happens to be the lucky owner of the Model Y seen ripping it up on your screen.

In the video, you'll see the Model Y out on the track that's part-owned by Out of Spec Motoring. The Y is put into dyno mode which allows for some serious wheelspin and isn't hindered by traction control. The Y absolutely rips it up around the fast corner and looks like a hoot to drive.

As mentioned below, now we cross our fingers for Tesla to add a true track mode to the Model Y, like it has for the Model 3

Video description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Kyle takes a brand new Tesla Model Y with only 300 miles on the odometer ripping around the Out of Spec track.

We use the 18” forged super lightweight Martian wheels (with tires sized for Model 3, would recommend taller tires for Model Y) and ultra-cheap Sentury UHP tires for maximum fun with Model Y.

This thing drives like a rally car in Dyno Mode, absolutely love it! There does not seem to be any technical reason as to why Tesla cannot update Model Y to have Track Mode to match Model 3. When and if that happens, the Model Y could be the best only car for a forward-thinking car enthusiast.

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