By 2022, Honda intends to introduce its second all-electric model in Europe after the Honda e enters the market this summer with a sales target of 10,000 units annually.

The news comes from Honda Motor Europe's Senior Vice President Tom Gardner, who didn't share any details about the new BEV though.

The Japanese manufacturer is accelerating its electrification strategy, based mostly on conventional hybrids, to comply with stricter CO2 emission requirements in the European Union.

Honda recently introduced the new Jazz, which comes only as a regular hybrid. Between 2021-2022 there will be four new electrified models (one BEV and three hybrids with small chances for some plug-in hybrid options).

According to Automotive News we might expect:

  • new Civic compact hybrid (maybe plug-in hybrid)
  • new HR-V small SUV hybrid
  • maybe Accord midsize sedan or Clarity midsize plug-in hybrid

It seems that Honda modifies the plan more towards BEVs/PHEVs in Europe.

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