After Tesla, , Polestar, and Ford, Honda also joined the queue for 12V battery issues in electric cars. The Honda E introduced the brand to this sort of problem, and Car Magazine revealed it in a tweet from Tim Pollard, the editorial director of Bauer Media's digital motoring portfolio. The urban EV needed a jump-start from a combustion-engined Cupra Formentor.

If you don’t believe it, you can have a look at Pollard’s tweet right below.


Having a video with the jump-start is interesting, but we needed more information. Thankfully, Car Magazine has a page for all developments in its ownership experience with the Honda E. There, Pollard described what happened with the car.

The alarm went off one night, and he noticed the siren was strangled. The key fob also made no difference until the sound stopped, saving Pollard’s neighbors from the nuisance. The reason for that to stop was that the 12V battery was completely dead.

Honda’s manual taught Pollard it was possible to jump-start the car, which he did with the help of the Cupra. After that, the British journalist took the car for a long drive to charge the 12V battery. However, this is what you would do in a car with an alternator. Electric cars count on the DC-to-DC converter to do that. Would it only work when the car is running? This is something that deserves an article on itself. What matters now is that it did not work.

Pollard took the car to the Peterborough Honda dealer Marshall to discover what was wrong with it, and the 12V battery was toast. It was replaced under warranty, and the Honda E was back to service, not without raising some concerns about what went wrong with it.

Pollard presented the Honda E in the video above when it joined Car Magazine’s fleet. It is obvious that he is impressed with the urban EV for its build quality and ride. After the 12V battery issue, he wrote that his faith in the car’s reliability is still not shaken despite another Honda E having presented the same issue with one of his colleagues in 2020. In other words, it was not something restricted to Car’s electric car. Let’s hope Honda fixes this before we hear about other cases – and 12V battery suppliers develop one that is suited for EVs.

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