Christian Stadler picked up his Volkswagen ID.3 on September 11, 2020. He has been talking about his experience with the car ever since in his YouTube channel, Battery Life. On October 23, he seemed to share old news: his electric car had 12V battery issues. What made it news was that the problems were with his brand new ID.3.

We have reported EVs with dead 12V batteries quite often. They are a known issue with the Nissan Leaf, some Teslas, and even with the Polestar 2 more recently. That may make you wonder: why? Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, from Transport Evolved, explained that in another video that is worth watching.

In her case, the problem was that her Leaf 12V battery was already quite old and needed to be replaced. Anyway, Nikki explained that EVs do not need high currents from the 12V battery as much as combustion-engined cars. That makes it create deposits between its layers, which eventually impair its capacity to recharge.

Apart from electric components that require a 12V system to work, such as a radio or the digital dashboard, the 12V battery in an EV also has the job to help it turn on its high voltage battery pack with the help of relays, according to the youtuber. She mentions you can sometimes hear them clicking when you start your EV.

With this explanation, it seems weird that no 12V battery manufacturer has developed a specific one for electric cars, which would be less prone to present the same issues. It also makes us wonder why a car with a little more than one month of use already had a dead 12V battery. Would the ID.3 be properly recharging it with its DC-to-DC converter?

Do you own a VW ID.3? Have you experienced a similar issue with your car? In case you have, please get in touch with us through or our Facebook page. We’ll also ask Volkswagen about this to learn what could be the cause of the problem.

Source: Battery Life

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