When engineers warn that first adopters are also the first to suffer from any defect, they talk about that from experience. The examples pile up, and the most recent one comes from Polestar. After it started deliveries of the Polestar 2 in Sweden on July 29, and in Norway and Germany in August, more than 30 units decided to stop working all of a sudden.

The information comes from CarUp. Polestar 2 owners get a defect message warning about issues on the drive system, and the car soon stops working. The only solution is towing them to a repair shop. Some are sitting there for a month already precisely on this September 29.

Tobias Åkeblom is from Luleå, a city 900 km (around 560 mi) north of Stockholm. He told CarUp he just had his car for a day before it broke down and was taken back to the repair shop. His vehicle is the one that is waiting for almost 30 days to be fixed.

According to CarUp, the issue would be related to the 12V system of the car, something some Model 3s also experienced. In the Tesla vehicle’s case, all it took was replacing the 12V battery for the car to move again, but the situation with the Polestar 2 seems to be more complicated.

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CarUp has talked with Brent Ellis, PR manager for Polestar, and he said not all of the affected cars had 12V issues. Nonetheless, all of the reported cases present the same situation: the vehicles are not driveable. Some do not even deliver a failure message and are just dead. We also got in touch with Polestar in search of explanations and will write a new article to tell you more about this.

Although all the affected owners interviewed by the Swedish website got loaners, they are disappointed not to drive their electric cars, which they have praised for CarUp. If you have recently received a Polestar 2 and faced the same issues reported here, please contact us through contact@insideevs.com and our Facebook page.

Source: CarUp

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