There are times we wish Tesla did not develop Sentry Mode. Don’t get us wrong: it is extremely useful, but it makes us see things we’d love to “unsee,” if that was possible. The glass-breaking butts, for example. Or the guy taking a leak on a Model 3 – not the other way around. When you think things can’t get any worse, we see the “Crack Queen of Abilene.” Just watch the video above and you get to know her and her almost obscene butt crack.

Gallery: Tesla Sentry Mode Shows Lady Cracking Glasses While Showing Butt Crack

It is a fact that she cracked both the windshield and the rear glass of a Tesla Model 3 in Abilene, Texas, but we are not sure this is why the video owner chose to name her that way. To be quite frank, the Skipper YouTube channel owner may even have suggested she was on drugs to act like this.

The video description does not mention why she did that. The presenter allows us to infer he does not know her and does not have any idea of her reasons. If he did, he would probably name her and say they had a quarrel or anything. In other words, this looks like another display of Tesla hate. They are getting more common, but not necessarily so bizarre as this one. 


What the video presenter does is try to get a good image of her face. The idea is undoubtedly to help the cops pay her a visit. If you happen to know her, help them do so as soon as possible.

Tesla Sentry Mode Shows Lady Cracking Glasses While Showing Butt Crack

And they should: replacing the Model 3’s affected glasses cost this owner almost $2,000. The “Crack Queen of Abilene” will certainly have how to pay for her nervous breakdown on the Tesla. She probably chose to wear pants three numbers under her size for aesthetic reasons.

Do you know the Skipper YouTube owner? Put him in touch with us. As he promises this story will continue, we would love to tell how it ends. Again, if you know the “Crack Queen of Abilene” and her shiny aluminum scepter... oops, baseball bat, help make her a little more famous. Preferably in front of a judge and paying this Model 3 owner what she owes. Failing to find her would reveal severe cracks in law enforcement, and this story has revealed more than enough of them. 

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